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5 times Champion of France (Viet Vo Dao)

4th Dang Black Belt (Viet Vo Dao)

Black Belt (Freestyle Karate/Kickboxing)

Viet Vo Dao & Kickboxing Instructor 

Lvl 2 Fitness Instructor / Lvl 3 Personal trainer

Absorb what is useful,

discard what is useless,

and add what is specially your own

Bruce Lee

Mission Statement

When it comes to learn a new skill, whatever it is, it is really important to find someone who understands how one operates. I know that everyone is different and I adapt my teaching to my student. I am seeking that genuine connection between my student and myself. I love teaching and I believe it helps my student give the best they can!

I am teaching martial arts because I believe it can help people reach their potential, not just physically, but also mentally. "Spiritus sane in corpore sano". I like seeing my students becoming better when they finally understand a technique, or just seeing them step in the studio quite moody and going out full of energy!

My martial arts background

I always had interest in martial arts. I started when I was 6 years old. I'm French...and in France, almost every kid does Judo. It's like football! Widely popular, and in every city, every village, there is a football club and a Judo dojo! 

I liked it, but, I wanted to do kicks! So, I quickly switched to Karate then Taekwondo and finally Kickboxing.

It's when I was 15 that I discovered Viet Vo Dao. I was pretty impressed by its signature move : The head scissor sweep !

From the moment I discovered Viet Vo Dao, I stuck to it, and I never stopped training in this martial art.

I was 5 times champion of France, both in combat and technical skills. Several winner of the French cup. I reached the grade of 4th dang black belt and I hope I'll be able to keep on practising all life long.

I trained in different martial arts and combat sport on the side. I used to be a part of the performers team: "Shaolin black and white" where I trained in Shaolin Kung fu with a genuine Shaolin Monk. I trained in Penchack Silat in Jakarta, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and now I am training in Capoeira. I want to keep on exploring the different way of training martial arts to bring it into my game.

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