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Kicks, punches and sweat!

One of the most popular combat sports out there. 

But what is Kickboxing ? Let's say it is a versatile style of sport which requires the use of your kicks and punches. It was initially full contact karate. So the punches of western boxing and the kicks of Karate.

But it's probably one of the first time you must come across Vietnamese Boxing!

It's a form of combat sport really close to Kickboxing but deviated from the Vietnamese martial arts. Therefore the technical library is more complete. 

Here, You'll learn Kicks and punches as well as knee strikes, take downs and elbows! But be aware, that we don't engage elbows a lot in the early years of practice! You should first be able to control your body and build enough confidence in order to enter that stage.

I created my own and unique syllabus based on the different martial arts I practiced over the years. So you're gonna learn how to strike thanks to : 

- pad work

- pair exercises

- sparring drills

- Kicks

- Punches...

I put as well movement drills and yoga exercises to it, so you get a full body awareness after a session.


If you’re unsure about your level or have questions, simply reach out.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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